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Dentist in Glasgow, Scotland The Berkeley Clinic is Scotlands 1st centre for specialist dentistry, implantology, maxillofacial and plastic surgery. We bring together the finest experts and specialists in the fields of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implantology, Facial and Plastic Surgery and Maxillofacial Surgery. With patients from all over the world coming to us you can rest confident that we'll provide the finest care possible.

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5 Newton Terrace
Glasgow, Scotland
G3 7PJ
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John Morton
Jun 22, 2021
Many thanks to Heather and the team for my Invisalign treatment. The improvement in both the position of my teeth and overall condition with the improved care, far exceeds my expectations.
I would fully recommended both the team at Berkeley Clinic and the Invisalign treatment, which undoubtably has transformed the look of my smile and overall confidence in my teeth health.
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Gordon McDougall
Dec 09, 2020
Professional & friendly
I've been going for years (since they were based in Berkeley Street in fact). I moved to the practice when my original dentist joined their team and I wouldn't go anywhere else. They're a friendly and thoroughly professional bunch and I've recommended them to pals over the years. The only pain I ever feel is opening the wallet, but hey that's probably the same with any dentist these days and I reckon you get the service you pay for!
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Margaret Shenken
Sep 15, 2020
Excellent service!
One of the best customer care experiences I've ever had. It was calm, relaxing, enjoyable. I didn’t want to leave.
I've had an aggressive abscess for a few months. Painful, 5 courses of antibiotics then dental surgery a few weeks ago to try to get rid of it without losing my front tooth. It returned last week! But there are signs it's going.
But I was really worried about 2 things -
1) getting Covid when my body is already fighting an infection
2) the abscess returning during a lockdown and I end up getting it out at a dental hospital and being toothless at the front.
I'm not worried now.
*Greig gave me a strategy for how long we will wait before extraction.
*He also gave me a strategy for what we will do if they get early notification of lockdown (I won’t be toothless! I'll get a back up plate even if I still have my tooth. How cool is that?)
*He told me the current guidelines of what the governing bodies have told them.
*He explained why I could have had a flare up in fairly detailed terms in relation to my allergy steroid nasal spray.
*He explained all the positive indicators that my body is fighting it off.
He knows I like the details!
Excellent service. Been coming for years. Highly recommend.
Value for Money
Service & Support
Katrina Gallagher
Sep 21, 2020
Wouldn’t go anywhere else Greig is amazing has been my teeth saviour, I now have a smile I’m proud of with his help
Also had implants done and having another soon
Can highly recommend him and I do to anyone who ask about a good dentist my response is he isn’t good he is amazing
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