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Language School in Glasgow, Scotland Live-Language English school Glasgow specialises in English language classes and courses such as English, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese, Polish, Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese and many others. Live Language English school is a tiny, friendly english and foreign language school in the middle of Glasgow specialising in assisting people to reach their language learning goals. Live Language has been licensed by the UK Border Agency to enrol international students under Tier 4 of the Points Based System.
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15 Sandyford place
Glasgow, Scotland
G3 7NB
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Livia Cutore
read moreI spent one month in Live Language. Regarding English lessons teachers make you comfortable, they always listen to our suggestions and they are professional. I had the chance to learn a lot of things about others people cultures and make new friends. The atmosphere in the school is cosy and friendly and since the first day I felt part of it. I also could take part at many activities such as visits around Glasgow and trips nearby with the social programme.
Antonio Marrocco
read moreMy objective was to improve my level from B1 to C1 but also to meet people from everywhere and with a different culture. From this point of view, I am really satisfied with my classroom where I met nice friends of various nationality. They were really willing to develop their English skills and supportive to each other.
In addition, I am satisfied with my personal lesson too. I could achieve the level that I wanted and teachers are really willing to help us even outside the classroom, for instance we can email them pieces of writing.
Furthermore, I was completely enthusiastic about the social programme, I took part in many activities around Scotland and I really enjoy it.
I've been in different schools but if I have to choose my favourite one I would choose Live Language.
Sarah Jansen
read moreI have been a student at the school for a long time now and I am still as happy as I was on the first day. The staff is very friendly and the whole admosphere is very welcoming. Classes are always fun, but more importantly the quality of classes is great and the teachers are very patient and creative in their delivery of content, so that it never gets boring.
I can also recommend to join the social programme, which is great for more speaking (for those that learn English) and culturual discovery. Further, I can recommend taking part in the exchange programme, where one learner of English gets paired with someone learning their native language. It provides a great opportunity for more practise and in my case has created long term friendships.
As someone who has both studied English and a collection of foreign languages at the school and several other places, I can say that Live Language offers the highest quality and the friendliest admosphere, which is why I have been a returning student for years. Thank you for making my Language learning journey so enjoyable.
Steven Ashton
read moreFantastic experience doing an evening class here. Well kept facilities and the teacher and staff were very welcoming. Just be sure to plan your journey as it can take a while to reach by car in the evenings as Glasgow rush hour traffic is very poor on certain routes.
Roberta Rippa
read moreI chose live Language because a lot of people recommended it for the high standard of teaching. Fortunately I followed the right advice. Here I strengthened my English and now I feel more confident. The teachers and the staff are well prepared and are always available. In the school you can find a student lounge which has a lovely caf. Throughout the year a lot of exciting events are organised. I look forward to going every day. If you want to succeed, you'll definitely do it here.
Jun 14, 2016
improving my English with live language
I improving my English when I went to live language.
I really enjoyed this school because the lessons was in a small group and the atmosphere was very friendly, I met a lot of persons with different cultures.
I visited Scotland with the social program .
Scotland is a beautiful countries, a wild country with mountains, forest, highland, castle.
I recommend this school for learn the English.
the situation, the atmosphere, the activities, the lessons, the comfort
Value for Money
Service & Support — Good service, the staff or the teachers can help you in administrativ
Quality — the lessons were aimed at advancing each student by making work his
Location — Near the ciy center and easy to access by the public transports
Moscow, Russia
Jul 12, 2016
Excellent experience with Life Language
I have studied at Live Language twice in 2015 and 2016 for 5 weeks each time. While studying here, I made a big progress in english. After some time I caught myself on a thought that I was thinking in english and could feel the language much better than before. All these happened only with a school support that helped me to organise my studies properly and all time in general. I went to the morning and afternoon classes, joined school english club after and also I took part in school social program travelling around Glasgow and Scotland. I was impressed be teacher qualification and professionalism of organising the study process as well as being really helpful and understanding. As well as I loved my school, I also enjoyed staying in Glasgow. The city is really amazing with its parks, museums, architecture and street musicians. I think I got a real luck when I chose Live Language,
perfect education system, reasonable price, friendly school team, location, cozy classes and well equipped school building, interesting social program.
Value for Money
Service & Support
Glasgow, originally from the Czech Rep.
Sep 12, 2016
Great School with Great Teachers
I have been studied at Live Language school since the middle of August 2016.
All classes which I attended was interesting and useful. I liked above all English club because it is more relaxed and much fun than in a regular class. Moreover, you have a great chance to meet students from other classes there and find out more about different countries and cultures. Additionally, English club is focused on speaking activity.

Moreover, school is not far from the city centre, school is nice and spacious.
I really enjoy studying here – teachers are friendly and professional, classes are interesting and useful with focusing on speaking, writing, listening, reading and working with other students to improve our English.

Every Friday, all students write a test and everybody can see their progress. Your teacher gives you a helpful feedback on your writing.

Apart from classes, there is also a social programme. There is always something for everybody. I visited with Live Language school Stirling Castle and we have there a lovely time with other students from different classes.

I really recommend this school. My English is still improving.

I also studied English at different language schools and colleges. In comparison with others, Live Language is the best.
Location, friendly and professional staff
Value for Money
Service & Support
Sep 14, 2016
The best school where to learn a new language
I have been studying at the live language school for a month and It was a wonderful experience. The staff is kind and really helpful, I felt like home. The quality of the teaching and the study system is very high and I could see my improvement week by week, also I have planed the achievement of my aims with my teacher. Besides, I had the opportunity to visit Glasgow because the school usually organises a fantastic social program with a variety of activities and the most of them are free. I had a really good time!
Value for Money
Service & Support
Clara Le Bahezre
Jun 09, 2017
I strongly recommend Live Language
I strongly recommend Live Language to everyone who wants to improve and enjoy learning new language.

I have enormously learned and this internship represents without a doubt a great step in my professional life.
The whole team and teachers are friendly and helpful.

I recommend the English club; it is a supplementary class in the afternoon, which allows speaking freely on any topic with students, come from different cultures. It really helped in improving my English skill and meet new students

Thanks to the activities of the social program I had the opportunity to discover Glasgow and meet students from all over the world.
Value for Money
Service & Support
Nov 07, 2017
I strongly recommend spending time in Live Language!
I spent one month for my internship in Live Language. Thanks to the teachers I have improved mz English. I had the chance to learn a lot of things about other’s people cultures and make new friends. The atmosphere in the school is cosy and friendly and since the first day I felt part of it. I also could take part at many activities such as visits around Glasgow and trips nearby with the social programme.
Mar 21, 2018
Live Language is a great school.
I had a great time at Live Language. The teacher help me to improve my English skills. They are very friendly and answered all my questions.
The social programme of Live Language is also very good to improve speaking English and met a lot of new people from all over the world.
I also liked the social programme because I visit a lot of beautiful places in Glasgow.
Value for Money
Service & Support
Sep 29, 2018
Great experience
I was at the Live Language school for one month and really enjoyed my time there. The staff and the teachers are all very friendly and will help whenever you need any support. The lessons were well organised so that I could achieve my English language goals more easily. Especially the English Club helped me to get more confident with speaking another language. Furthermore I really liked that it is a very multicultural school. It shows that everybody is accepted no matter which religion, race or culture he/she has. That's why you get the chance to make friends from all over the world. So it is really worth it to book a course at this school.
multicultural, high qualified teachers, nice atmosphere
Value for Money
Service & Support

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