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Hi I'm Irene Smith and I work from the Cerato Centre in Wishaw North Lanarkshire. Soul Plan readings available as a form of guidance rather than psychic prediction. Reiki training runs throughout the year. Therapies available include Bach Remedy Consultations; Reiki treatments. Body work currently available as remedial massage and the Bowen technique.
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  • Free Ebook - A Beginner Guide to Bach Remedies available through the website
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Cerato Centre 169 Main Street Wishaw
Glasgow, Scotland
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The Reiki healing system came to us through Mikao Usui. This healing modality can be applied safely across all age groups and is safe to use alongside conventional & complimentary treatments. It is supportive in the management of physical ailments, stress, emotional healing and can assist people in their own personal transformation.

The therapist is a channel for the Reiki energy and a treatment follows a sequence of hand positions over the chakras. It is a simple therapeutic method directing itself to where it is most needed. Reiki energy balances and harmonizes. In a balanced state there is a potential for self healing. As a modality some people take Reiki classes for their own personal development and it is also a therapeutic tool that can be used by therapists.
Massage Therapy
Massage therapy is wonderful for relaxation and assist the management of muscular conditions. One of the most commonly known types of massage is swedish massage. The benefits of massage include:
pain relief
relief of muscle spasm and soreness
general relaxation of the muscles
aids tissue drainage and removal of waste products improves blood and lymph circulation
helps breakdown adhesions
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
Hi I have used Irene's service for about 10 years, she is always thoroughly professional, highly experienced and skilled as well as being extremely caring. Cannot recommend Irene and her treatments enough
ByEileen Burns
Testimonial #2
I have been going to Irene for a very long time and I value her expertise as well as her friendship.
ByHelen Mclaughlan
Testimonial #3
Cerato center is a special relaxing place to go to get a treatment. Irene is a very talented therapist who cares about your whole being. Irene helps you feel relaxed as soon as you arrive. I cant recommend Irene enough.
ByNancy Boyd
Reiki Level One
Reiki Level One.Traditional Usui Reiki taught as a full day class.
CityWishaw, North Lanarkshire
LocationCerato Centre 169 Main Street Wishaw
Start DateOct 27, 2018
End DateOct 27, 2018
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Irene Smith

Irene has worked within complimentary therapies for 20years. Reiki Master since 2001.

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