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Graham Mann has spent 25 years as a court practitioner, conducting trials in courts across Scotland throughout that time. He has developed a loyal client base who demand a lawyer who will fight their corner, and who will get results.

Over the past 10 years with the increase in detection of road traffic offending such as speeding, drink driving, and mobile phone use while driving, Graham Mann and his firm have turned their attention to defending Road Traffic prosecutions. In this time they have set out to keep drivers on the road where possible, and in some cases keep people in their job.

With established courtroom skills gained through years of conducting criminal trials, Graham Mann and the firm are one step ahead in achieving success in all types of prosecutions under Road Traffic Law.
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70 W Regent St
Glasgow, Scotland
G2 2QZ
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0141 413 8111
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At Glasgow Road Traffic Lawyers we are familiar with all current speed detection equipment and methodology used by Police Scotland. It is vitally important for lawyers working in this field of law to follow the development and use of new technologies in speed detection. Understanding the way that these systems operate and knowing their “pluses and minuses” can be key to a successful defence.
Careless / Dangerous Driving
These offences can range from relatively minor to very serious breaches of road traffic law.

Careless driving can lead to disqualification from driving. Dangerous driving convictions lead to mandatory disqualification.

Careless or inconsiderate driving or a Section 3 Offence, is where driving is considered to be below the standard expected of a competent and careful driver or to be driving that is inconsiderate.

It can include allegations of following too closely, failing to observe road markings, undertaking, causing a collision with another vehicle or object, or failing to stop in accordance with traffic controls.

Defences available to drivers charged with a Section 3 offence usually turn on the FACTS of the case.
Penalty Points & Totting Up
With increased detection of speeding offences and mobile phone use, penalty points have become the focus of many a driver.

Under the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988 Section 35 reaching 12 penalty points on your licence means disqualification in most cases.

The minimum period of disqualification is 6 months (unless there has been a period of disqualification of longer than 56 days in the previous 3 years, when the period would be increased to 1 years disqualification)
Fines are only limited to the extent they reflect the offence
Client Testimonials
Testimonial #1
I stood to lose my licence for a long time had I been convicted. I had been disqualified before and the case against me looked strong but under cross examination the police evidence on my speed was poor and I was found not guilty. My solicitor seemed to know all the technical points needed to pick the prosecution case apart.
ByW. Anderson
Testimonial #2
I protested my innocence on this one from the start. It seemed it would be an easy case for the prosecution but I took my chances and was found not guilty. Blackwater Law had been recommended to me and I am glad I took the trouble to instruct the firm. They consulted with me before trial and I couldn’t have asked for more in court. Top class service start to finish.
ByJ. Lafferty
0141 413 8111
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